English at the pharmacy

21.02.2020 - Fortbildung
It is an everyday situation in the pharmacy that the person turning to us for help does not speak German and probably will ask for someone who is able to speak English. Our schooling did not equip us with the necessary vocabulary for this and for many of us it was a long time ago.

This new course will introduce general pharmacy and medical vocabulary and will include pronounciation and other exercises. Afterwards, we will turn to the subject that is most often the cause of a visit to the pharmacy - pain of all kinds. You will be taken through the most common situations including illnesses and medication for their management. We will also go through lists of questions to ask and sentences of advice to give in such a conversation at work.

The evening is run by Mrs. Dagmar Larkin, pharmacist in both Germany and the UK. She is currently working as manageress of a pharmacy in Eisenach.

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